Metalizing and Powder Coating

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  • Metalizing and Powder Coating Metalizing and Powder Coating Metalizing and Powder Coating
  • Metalizing and Powder Coating

  • Amighini offers you expert metalizing services in-shop for all our hand forged products. Appropriate for any number of industrial, commercial and artistic applications, metalizing is a thermal spray process where a hard protective coating is applied to the prepared surface as a primer or base coat. It will provide you long lasting corrosion protection, increasing the life of your part or surface up to 30%. Whereas paint offers you about 5 years of effective protection, metalizing gives you potentially 20 years or more.

    The benefits for your items are:
    • Up to 50% Extended life for parts, railings, gates and iron doors
    • Up to 10x Harder, more durable surface
    • Up to 3x longer life than paint
    • Corrosion prevention
    • Prevent further wear
    • Service to any size part, Gazebos, Driveway Gates, etc.
  • (*) Don't forget to ask for aditional works, such as: new glasses, key locks, mail slot, handles, finish colors, etc. We are "The Specialists" and we can do what ever you want!!!... Ask for incredible quotes!!! (**) The installation is only these thee states: New Jersey, Pennsylvania and New York. 7% sales tax is applied to all orders pick up in NJ or shipped to it.