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It gives us great pleasure to know that these admirable architectural elements were given a second chance at a different home in another part of the world.

To dislodge the romantic ceiling vitraux, our professional architectural historians built a metallic structure above the vitraux in order to remove each individual hand painted glass panel.


Once all of the glass pieces were removed from the vitraux, the actual skylight frame was taken off with a crane.

Before removing the frame, they carefully extricate all of the moldings surrounding the skylight. Each individual piece is carved around the prominent design and dismantled off the wall.


Our experienced and professional staff salvages the mosaic tiles by gently cleaning the cement off every single tile by hand.

The historic moldings in the room are meticulously removed by hand carving around the design and finally off the wall with large metal sheets.


Tremendous dedication and attention to detail goes into every demolition project through the group effort of historians, architects, and engineers. Every project is unique, however, they all require talent and special craftsmanship to salvage the historical architectural elements.