unique architectural antiques

Unique Architectural Antiques, Antique Tiles, Antique Fireplaces

The unique pieces offered at Amighini Architectural. are vast and varied: they are the hidden gems and elusive finds of our world. They include antique lamps, antique tiles, or Victorian antique fireplaces. All unique pieces are designed to add to the uniqueness of your home, to give your house flair and visual appeal. From antique lighting to encaustic floor tiles, there is a special piece of antiquity for every room and every part of your residence.

At Amighini Architectural, we make it our mission to search the earth for unique architectural treasures. We reclaim the one of a kind items found from areas around the world and restore them to their natural beauty. It is our belief that relics of the past can make beauty for the present.

Priding ourselves on the incomparable uniqueness of our items and on our role as the preeminent source for magnificent pieces of antiquity, we are on a mission to unearth the grand treasures of yesteryear. Join us in our quest as we add to the array of unique items in our collection. We look forward to your appraisal of the truly singular offerings found within our selection of unique items.

These unique products, like our entire antique architectural collection, are refurnished from salvaged pieces of history. Made from the stones that built palaces, from the iron that guarded castles, and from the flooring carefully laid at the foot of historical cathedrals these are often the solitary remnant of the most glorious eras of mankind.

Among the unique items we offer are antique tiles, majolica tile, reclaimed fireplaces, antique wall mirrors, antique lighting fixtures and limestone fountains.

Our limestone fountains are ideal for a garden or terrace. If you are redoing your backyard, or starting anew at a brand new residence, these fountains make an exquisite addition.

Our antique lighting fixtures and antique wall mirrors fit beautifully in the formal dining area of your home. Our antique wall mirrors, in particular, are an attractive addition to a dining room with vaulted ceilings.

There is not a room in your home that won't be enhanced with the inclusion of a reclaimed fireplace. Reclaimed fireplaces are ideal for living rooms, sitting rooms, family rooms, and dens. However, they can also enhance bedrooms, recreation rooms, offices, and open bathrooms.

Antique tile, including majolica tile, makes a lovely addition to mud rooms, sunrooms, kitchens, and bathrooms. This tile provides a rustic, classical look and adds character to flooring that can otherwise be dull or ordinary. Our majolica tile, specifically, comes from Renaissance Italy and offers a clean, sophisticated look.

Shop our entire collection today; we are certain you’ll find a unique piece to match your homes individual style. Contact us with any questions on pieces, or to assist you in selection of a truly magnificent piece of history.