Salvage Gates

Iron entry gates

Antique Wrought Iron Gates

The inclusion of wrought iron gates to a driveway or garden is a unique and attractive way to decorate the area surrounding your home. The special charm a wrought iron entry gate brings to a residence exterior makes the task of finding the perfect piece - one that is well worth your time. Here at Amighini Architectural, we do all the hard work for you. We carry a truly extraordinary selection that will bring your project alive.

Amighini Architectural takes pride in specializing in the reclamation of one-of-a-kind iron garden gates and iron driveway gates. From exceptional antique gates reclaimed from historic sites around the world to the unique pieces found closer to home. In our global search, we have found antique iron gates that are not only gorgeous, but often of irreplaceable historic value .

When selecting iron garden gates that will dress your garden in special character, our reclaimed iron garden gates fuse style and timeless beauty with antique quality and superior craftsmanship. Instantly bring the beauty of a historic building right into your garden with our collection of antique iron garden gates.

Hand Selected Iron Gates with Exclusive Designs and Supreme Craftsmanship

For a homes entrance, iron driveway gates display a bold, welcoming symbol to your guests. Iron driveway gates that we hand select from locations around the world elicit posh style, rustic beauty and many other themes in between. For this very reason, our exclusive selection of wrought iron entry gates is one of the most popular decorative pieces of choice for homeowners, designers, and architects alike.

We guarantee that our wrought iron gates are acquired from many different historic or beautifully constructed buildings or houses from around the world. These wont be found in everyday places or neighborhoods. We choose only the finest, most elegant, well-constructed antique iron gates and other items of historic significance from buildings and venerable homes that have undeniable charm and sometimes a bit of quirkiness. This special charm and beauty make our reclaimed treasures so well loved.

Thank you for taking a look at what we have to offer. You are sure to find a wide array of unique treasures that will transform your home or help in designing something special that can't be replicated. Iron gates, doors, and other architecturally beautiful items in our collection are reclaimed and will not be found in stores or from other designers.