Antique Windows

antique windows

Architectural Windows For Your Period Home

As anyone with a vintage home knows, when it comes time to replace a window in an historic home, it can be very difficult to achieve the right look with modern windows. It is for this and other reasons that homeowners come to Amighini Architectural, to find a range of classic windows perfect for use in a period home. Whether your vintage home is styled in Colonial, Victorian, Craftsman or other period style from yesteryear, you will find select salvage windows that will meet your home's needs beautifully.

A period antique window is as varied as the building from which it came. An antique window from Amighini Architectural may feature a wide variety of sash and glazing patterns. These can include two pieces of glazing over two pieces of glazing in a window, also known as two over two, or may consist of two over three. Stained glass classic windows are available that may come in different patterns, including three over seven or three over five. In older period homes, increased numbers of pieces of glazing were used in window salvage because the technology was not available to make larger pieces of glazing, but this changed over time so that a single square or rectangular piece of glazing can be hung in a sash over another.

Antique Windows to Fit Many Styles

Salvage windows may also be outfitted with glazing in the arched shape of a fan, which goes over the top of the antique window, and if featured over the center of a trio of windows is known as a Palladian-style antique window. Square architectural windows outlining the top of a door are known as transom lights, and are period to Georgian and Colonial Revival-style vintage homes. Prairie, Craftsman and Modernistic homes may feature ribbon architectural windows with three or more windows placed so that the sides are touching. There are also many types of sash operation used on salvage windows. They may utilize double or single-hung windows, or may be fixed. Casement salvage windows that open to the side are also popular. A hopper antique window opens from the top, while a window fashioned with an awning sash opens from the bottom. Some of the period window salvage also comes with handmade shutters styled to match.

Our website features detailed photographs of each window we offer, to help you find the one best suited to your vintage home's distinctive style.

Antique stained glass panels and leaded glass are available at our two US locations. We offer stained glass at our East Coast Location in Jersey City, New Jersey, as well as in Anaheim, California, our West Coast Location. We obtain our decorative antique stained glass from historic buildings, including hotels, parks, palaces and residences from around the world. Our pieces are original and most have had restorative treatments applied to bring them to their original beauty.

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