Antique Stained Glass Windows, Skylights and Panels

For the owner of a vintage home, some of the most stunning salvage pieces that you can apply to your dwelling are composed of antique stained glass. Amighini Architectural at offers amazing antique stain glass and leaded glass, both of which make beautiful additions to your windows, and can also be used as skylights in your home. Antique stained glass panels are available from, and come to us from salvage jobs found around the world.

Antique stained glass used in windows is as varied as the artisans who crafted it. Small pieces of brilliantly colored glass were hand cut to fit into the design, and then were carefully arranged to form intricate patterns. The small pieces are held in place by strips of lead and the entire piece is surrounded by it's own structure to give it added strength. Leaded glass, as the name implies, is made containing lead, which gives the glass a superior shine.

A Worldly Selection of Antique Stained Glass

We have a wide selection of beautiful antique leaded stained glass that is pictured for your perusal online. Pieces might feature floral motifs, and may be edged in complementary or contrasting colored glass pieces. Others may have a landscape mural depicted in stained glass. Some of our stunning pieces have geometric diamond patterns, and alternating color and pattern edges, to add more interest to a magnificent piece. Pieces from the 1880s are typically available that highlight diamond and rectangular shapes, and utilize one main bright hue to create a colorful statement for an on-display window in the home.

Antique stain glass for windows also comes in a variety of shapes at In addition to the usual square and rectangular shapes, windows featuring antique stained glass panels may have additional fan shaped antique stain glass over the decorated rectangle or square base. Round-shaped windows are also available in stained glass.

Antique leaded stained glass is appropriate in Victorian and Craftsman-style vintage homes and was often used in homes of that time period and style, but it also fits in beautifully to other home styles. It is truly up to the homeowner, architect or designers particular design sense and taste as to which pieces may be most suitable for use in an historic home.

Antique stained glass panels and leaded glass are available at our two US locations. We offer stained glass at our East Coast Location in Jersey City, New Jersey, as well as in Anaheim, California, our West Coast Location. We obtain our decorative antique stained glass from historic buildings, including hotels, parks, palaces and residences from around the world. Our pieces are original and most have had restorative treatments applied to bring them to their original beauty.

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