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Are you looking for a unique antique door that you cannot find anywhere else? A homesí front door defines Itís personality, and is an excellent way to make a bold statement. Antique doors add both sophistication and flair to all styles of architecture.

Adding a signature piece of functional art to your home such as antique wood doors is an excellent way to make a stylish statement. Antique doors add both sophistication and flair to all styles of architecture.

Entrance and interior antique doors create a stunning and distinctive look to the façade and interior space of your home. Architectural salvage doors from Amighini Architectural create a truly one of a kind look. Our antique wood doors will serve as the dramatic finishing touch to your custom home renovation or new home construction.

Antique doors with exclusive designs, high-quality materials, and supreme craftsmanship

Antique doors only get better with time Ė taking on new characters and charm. Ours arrive fully stripped and ready to be refinished. Our selection of antique doors is constantly changing in order to bring you the best of what is available. And even if you donít see what you are seeking on our website - you can send us a picture or description of what you are looking for, and we search through our warehouses to try and find something that suits your needs. Whether you are searching for an uncommon or unusual antique double entry door, or a custom made piece, please contact us. We can provide you with that distinctive antique door that will transform.
Your ordinary space into something extraordinary

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